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Kamp Grizzly for adidas Women's She Breaks Barriers


She Breaks Barriers is an on going Adidas women’s campaign that strives for more visibility for female athletes. As lead designer on the 2019-2020 portion of the campaign, my work was featured during their International Women’s Day 2019 drop as well as the Women’s World Cup 2019 drop. I provided visual exploration in order to build full creative campaign execution. This included key visual design and build, toolkit build (colors, lockups, imagery, fonts, etc.) campaign guideline build, as well as all social, Dotcom, and OOH assets. The Women’s World Cup drop also expanded into an activation in Los Angeles where adidas brought 200 young girls to participate in an event that showed them that they didn’t need some fancy soccer field and expensive club team to play soccer. This brought our key visuals into an activation and spatial design.



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